DENDRO-SCOTT™ Ready-made Tree Pit Liners

DENDRO-SCOTT™ Ready-Made Tree Pit Liners can prevent damage to pavements, garden slabs and other ornamental surface finishes, while also protecting underground services.
Spreading Tree Roots
Installing DENDRO-SCOTT™ Ready-Made Tree Pit Liners is an excellent way to protect pavements, pathways, gardens, etc., from tree roots; diverting them downwards.
Blue Tree Pit Liner
DENDRO-SCOTT™ Ready-Made Tree Pit Liners are quick and easy to install and save time on jointing the membrane in situ.
They are 1m deep and can be folded to create sizes up to 1.9m in diameter. (See diagrams below).
Ready-Made Tree Pit Liner
Circular Tree Pit Liner


If installed in a circular pit, the diameter measures 1.9m when fully extended, but the membrane can easily be folded, to create smaller sizes, as required.

Square Pit Tree Root Liner

If installed in a square pit, the membrane will measure 1.5m on each of the four sides. Naturally, it can be folder to create smaller sizes, or installed in a rectangular pit.

DENDRO-SCOTT Ready-made tree pit liners PDF download

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